Books for Engineering, Social Justice and Peace

These books have been selected for engineering faculty, practitioners and students who are interested in social justice and peace issues. Selected specifically to fill a gap within the professional and scholarly literature within the engineering field, these books are meant to help engineers identify how they can become leaders in transforming our world into a socially just place and aid them in using their uniquely important skills to foster a peaceful society. For help in finding these and other books on ESJP, please contact Martin Wallace, Science & Engineering Librarian, 207-581-2678

Encyclopedia of Activism and Social Justice

Gary L. Anderson, Kathryn G. Herr, editors


This encyclopedia is designed to give understanding to the topics, concepts and ideas which have motivated and shaped the fields of activism, civil engagement and social justice as well as offering short biographies of all the major thinkers and leaders who have influenced, and continue to influence, the study of activism. (Description from publisher's website)
· Call Number: HM671 .E53 2007
· ISBN: 141291812X

Engineering, Poverty, and the Earth

George D. Catalano

In the present work, the growing awareness in engineering of the profession’s responsibility towards the environment and the poor is considered. The following approach is taken: a brief overview of the issues of poverty particularly in the U.S. and the deterioration of the natural world with a focus on the Arctic is provided. Case studies involving New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the status of polar bears in a time of shrinking Arctic ice cover are detailed. Recent developments in engineering related to the issues of poverty and the environment are discussed. A new paradigm for engineering based on the works of Leonardo Boff and Thomas Berry, one that places an important emphasis upon a community, is explored. (Description from publisher's website)
· Call Number: TA157 .C373 2007
· ISBN: 1598292188


Engineers within a Local and Global Society

Caroline Baillie


Presents an overview of the key issues at stake. Baillie considers how, as engineers, we might decide what is the right thing to do by exploring rights and notions of freedom and what these might mean in a world where we are, according to some, ‘training for compliance’. Baillie considers engineering in the past and how it has been used to contribute to social contexts in the Western world as well as in developing countries. She looks at our responsibility as engineers to learn from the past to enhance our understanding and take appropriate action related to contemporary industrial development and globalization. Finally, Baillie presents a case study of her own engineering for others to critique. Practicing what you preach is never easy and living as a just engineer presents many challenges. As Ursula Franklin states clearly in her Massey lectures... engineers have choices; it is up to us to ensure that we are aware of the way in which our engineering practice contributes to global social, economic and political issues so that we are able to make response – able choices. (Description paraphrased from publisher's website)
· Call Number: TA157 .B35 2006
· ISBN: 159829136X

Globalization, Engineering, and Creativity

John Reader

Addresses the impact of globalization within engineering, particularly on working practices and prospects for creativity. It suggests that accepted norms of economic activity create enclosures and thresholds within the profession, which—as engineers increase their awareness (reflexivity)—will shape the future of engineering, and the values which underpin it. It is aimed at practicing engineers and those in training and is an introduction to the social and political context currently setting new challenges for the profession. (Description from publisher's website)
· Call Number: TA153 .R43 2006
· ISBN: 1598291521

Progress Without People - In Defense of Luddism

David F. Noble ; foreword by Stan Weir


As a historian of technology, Noble knows how history has been distorted so that the term Luddie can be used to target any who try to save their jobs or control the condition of life in their immediate work areas, on idustrial, office, retail or service jobs. [Eric Hobsbawm] A wonderfully erudite, lengthy polemic against the machine, with a foreword by Stan Weir. "Today, when respectable discourse still requires euphemistic substitutes for 'capitalism', it is difficult to remember that this term was itself a euphemism of sorts, a polite and dignified substitute for greed, extortion, coercion, domination, exploitation, plunder, war, and a murder. This was the list of grievances compiled by the Luddites in their heroic defense of society. Machine breaking was simply a strategy and a tactic for correcting these violations of morality and humanity, violations that were later obscured by myths of the market and technological progress." [David F Noble] (Description from
· Call Number: HD6331 .N621 1993
· ISBN: 0882862189

Technology and the Future

Albert H. Teich, editor

Offers an unsurpassed collection of readings on technology's impact on the individual and society. In this substantial revision, Teich incorporates important new topics, such as the revolutions in genetics and information technology. New selections by significant contemporary thinkers include readings by Langdon Winner, Thomas Hughes, Donald Norman, and Leon Kass. (Description from
· Call Number: T14.5 .T4416 2006
· ISBN: 0534604269


The Ursula Franklin Reader - Pacifism as a Map

Ursula Franklin ; with an introduction by Michelle Swenarchuk


Talks and essays on peace, technology, women’s issues and education, argue for pacifism as a viable, life-shaping option. Renowned activist, scientist, Feminist, educator, Quaker, and physicist, Franklin is one of Canada’s foremost advocates and practitioners of pacifism. This comprehensive collection of her work -- drawn from more than four decades of research and teaching demonstrates the subtle, yet critical, linkages across a range of subjects: the pursuit of peace and social justice, theology, feminism, environmental protection, education, government, and citizen activism. She asks what structures might underlie a society in which cooperation, equality, and justice would flourish; and how one can live as a pacifist in the violent here and now. (Description from publisher's website)
· Call Number: JZ5538 F72 2006
· ISBN: 1897071183

Unsustainable - a Primer for Global Environmental and Social Justice

Patrick Hossay

Aimed at an audience that includes both budding social activists and young people studying the environment and international development, this book explains how these crises share the same historical roots. Brilliantly combining a huge amount of up-to-date information, visual charts, and clear explanation, Patrick Hossay shows how an historical path of colonialism, capitalist development and industrial growth has yielded bad results. He proposes a fundamental restructuring of the way business is done, and the book suggests ways in which we can work for lasting change. (Description from publisher's website)
· Call Number: GE42 .H67 2006
· ISBN: 1842776576


Wired for War - The Robotics Revolution and Conflict in the 21st Century

P.W. Singer


Takes the reader on a journey to meet all the various players in this strange new world of war: odd-ball roboticists working in latter-day “skunk works” in the midst of suburbia; military pilots flying combat mission from their office cubicles outside Las Vegas; the Iraqi insurgents who are their targets; journalists trying to figure out just how to cover robots at war; and human rights activists wrestling with what is right and wrong in a world where our wars are increasingly being handed over to machines. (Description from author's website)
· Call Number: UG450 .S45 2009
· ISBN: 1594201986

Other Titles Available at Fogler Library:

· Engineering Ethics : Peace, Justice, and the Earth by George D. Catalano, ISBN: 1598290908, Call Number: TA157 .C38 2006
· Peace Engineering : When Personal Values and Engineering Careers Converge edited by P. Aarne Vesilind, ISBN: 0965053954,
Call Number: TA157 .P34 2005

· Pentagon Capitalism: the Political Economy of War by Seymour Melman, ISBN: 0704145480, Call Number: HC110.D4 M4
· Technics and Civilization by Lewis Mumford, ISBN: 015688254X, Call Number: 609 M92
· The Myth of the Machine by Lewis Mumford, ISBN: 0156623412, Call Number: CB478 .M78
· The Real World of Technology by Ursula M. Franklin, ISBN: 088784636X, Call Number: T14.5 .F68 1999