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Here is a link to the Queens University course on Engineering and Social justice - please feel free to use it in your University. Please also add your own links to courses

Engineering and social justice

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ESJP 2008 Smith College
ESJP2007 Binghamton University (link no longer active)
ESJP 2006 Binghamton University (link no longer active)
ESJP2004 Queens University

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Synthesis lectures on Engineers Technology and Society

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Waste for Life One of our current projects in Argentina

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Caroline's e-clips Caroline waxing lyrical on topics of relevance to the network

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Practice and Evidence of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education - special issue on education and social justice - please contribute - deadline January 2009

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Social Impact of technology

Organisations and conferences with similar values

Loka Institute Science and Engineering for a democratic society

Equity and Social Justice in Education conference

Teachers 4 Social Justice

Maths and Social Justice

Maths of Social Justice

Engineers against poverty

Engineers without Borders

Science for the People

6th International Conference on Teacher Education and Social Justice Reframing Race, Gender, and Teacher-Education Policy. 5-6 December 2009, University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), U.S.A.

Online resources

Help Lesotho
Cool Cities


The Corporation
The Future of Food
Our Daily Bread
Black Gold
Manufactured Landscapes


The Story of Stuff
Do Schools Kill Creativity?
The Shock Doctrine Short Film

Independent Media

Democracy Now!


Bernard Amadei
Ursula Franklin
Brenda Laurel
Linus Pauling
Stan Weir
Norbert Wiener


Engineering, Social Justice and Sustainable Community Development - NAE Conference Oct 2-3 in Washington DC. Free and public workshop.